In any industry, analysing market data allows you to study a winning strategy for the future of your assets and savings. Nemo Project provides you with a professional analyst who will interpret market trends and enable you to make the best investments.

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An analyst is like a researcher, curious to find out what market data mean and hide. Research can be divided into quantitative and qualitative, each with its own benefits. Nemo Project deals with all-round analysis, also providing coaching services and always giving one-to-one support.


Quantitative data analysis leads you to define your questions and hypotheses first, in order to determine the measuring's criteria for the research. The analyst duty is to select the data that can be useful for the hypothesis and measurement criteria and analyze them. Lastly, the analyst will define the data and interpret the results, providing a report to the customer.


Qualitative data analysis consists of three phases: Data coding, data analysis, and results interpretation. In the first place, we use a software to identify and extract relevant themes. In the second phase, these themes will be used to analyze your qualitative data, generating quantitative information about your qualitative data. In the last step, we will interpret the results.


Our coaching and advisory service consists of time devoted to our customers directly with our statistics coach. The service provides one-to-one advisory directly with our analysts to discuss about their project, goals and strategies to achieve them, to understand the various markets and study the results together to see how this can benefit the customer's plans.


Nemo Project has a tailor-made solution for each customer, based on your needs we provide 3 levels of support: basic, silver and gold. Each of these can help you meet your needs, whether they are more or less demanding.


The basic option consists of an analysis conducted on the basis of data provided by the customer; from this service you will receive an analytical result. This option is suitable for customers who have a basic knowledge of statistics, who have a specific request and have already correctly formatted data.


The silver analysis option includes the basic analysis, with the addition of a written report of your results, including all relevant tables and graphs as well as two hours of time with your statistician coach. During these hours you can discuss the results with our analyst or ask extra questions.


Customer will get a full analysis report and the development of an analysis plan. Once the report is complete, we will schedule a coaching session with our statistician, so you can discuss the report and ask any questions you have prior to moving forward with the analysis planning. This will include the relevant tables, graphs, and figures. Once the plan is ready, you will have a follow up call with your statistician to walk you through the results and any questions you have going forward. Additionally, you will have two extra follow up calls that can be used at any point of your project.


Nemo Project is a project from the mind of Alessandro Greco, an Italian analyst who has been active in the field of statistical research for years. The project was created with the intention of helping young entrepreneurs and freelancers with data analysis in order to draw up a strategic plan for achieving their goals. data analysis is an essential step for anyone who is considering how to manage their assets, their budget and for anyone who is deciding how to evolve their business in a given market. That is why it is essential to rely on a competent analyst who knows how to interpret the data and draw up comprehensive reports, advising the entrepreneur on how to proceed.
Among our services, we provide solutions for:

  • Review and critique of data analysis plans;
  • Reviewing and critiquing sources;
  • Structure and logical flow;
  • Methodology for research questions and hypothesis;
  • Instruments/measures;
  • Validity and reliability;
  • Assessment of statistical analysis interpretation.


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